I started this blog nearly 2 years ago but never went any further with it.  It was intended to be a part of the website.  About the same time I started the blog I also lost my laptop and all ability to continue to update the website.  So I had another blog false start using Blogger.  I had so much difficulty trying to manage photos on that site that I finally threw my hands in the air and gave up on blogs.  I did eventually go back to using Facebook to promote the shop and classes but I found that more and more I really wanted to do a blog.  I have been very busy knitting and beading in the past few months and I really wanted to share what I am doing and what I am learning.  Since photos are an integral part of sharing what I am up to I have once again returned to this blog.  So here goes again with WordPress.

With Fourth of July  just around the corner I have been working on patriotic themed projects.  Beads and fiber jewelry are very much in my focus right now.  I will be offering my very first fiber jewelry class in a few weeks with my own variation of this knit bracelet.  I had enough beads left over and already strung on the red crown perle cotton to do another bracelet only narrower.  I absolutely loved the new version.  I offered to make one in blue as a raffle prize for a fundraiser and while doing  the blue one I started thinking about a patriotic one.  I really love making and wearing this bracelet and am very excited about the future of this class series.

Once I was done with the knit bracelet I turned my sights on one of my bead soups.  One of the more fun aspects of buying seed beads in bulk and tubing them myself is the leftovers and the really fun bead soups that can result from them.  A few years ago I started making the soups with strictly delica beads.  One of the delica soups is a red, white and blue soup.  We offered a class last year on a beaded bracelet called Colorful Connections.  One of the students who did the class used our fall blend delica soup and her bracelet was simply wonderful.  So I followed in her footsteps and did the same bracelet using the red, white and blue soup.  Time is always short with me so I needed to be able to make the bracelet rather quickly.  In order to speed it up I did two-drop peyote stitch instead of regular single drop peyote.  I was able to make the bracelet in just a few days and just love the result.  I made random color tubes and color specific tubes from the soup.  Then I added single color tubes for more red, white and blue tubes.  Since I did the tubes in two-drop peyote I did have to modify the clasp a little.  I can’t wait to wear my bracelet!  Photos will be posted later today.


I am a little late but here are my knitted bracelets and one beaded star spangled bracelet.  The class for the knit bracelet is coming this month.


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