Multiple Personality Scarf


When I got the yarn Lustrous by Sublime I knew I would be knitting a scarf with it before too long.  I met with my sales rep a couple weeks after it arrived and she told me about a scarf being made with it at one of her other shops.  I put my own little twist on it and this is what resulted.

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I had fun knitting this simple scarf and decided it would make a perfect project for beginning knitters.  You have to cast-on 200 stitches.  After casting on that many stitches most new knitters should have the technique firmly planted in their brain.  It is a simple rib pattern so the student would learn to knit and purl, and they should also get the grasp of reading their stitches and learning what each one looks like.  There are also three color changes in this scarf so yet another technique can be marked off the list.  And let’s not forget the bind off.  Binding off 200 stitches should have the same result as casting them on…A firm grasp of the technique when done.  Lastly, since this pattern uses multiple colors, and the scarf can be folded in a multitude of ways, the student will have a fashion accessory that will be very versatile.

I can’t wait to do this scarf again.  we have a holiday tomorrow and my husband and I will likely take a drive somewhere so I will have lots of knitting time.  I am planning to do the next scarf with the Sugar Rush yarn.  This yarn has been discontinued and is on clearance so this pattern will hopefully help sell the last of the yarn.  Don’t worry, we have plenty of it in stock in lots of colors.  I will only use 3 skeins in this sample since they have one third more yardage than the Lustrous yarn.  Hopefully I will have more pictures soon.


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This blog is one more way I am utilizing technology to stay connected with my friends and customers. I will no doubt talk about new merchandise at the store, and will divulge some insight into how my crafty side manifests itself. I will no doubt be droll at time but hope to be equally as entertaining and informative.

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