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We love to knit samples for the shop.  Doing so not only gives us the chance to play with new yarns when they come in, but it also gives us the opportunity to check out the patterns in the books we carry.  We have samples from several of the currently available books that you can see in this slideshow.   My favorite of this collection is by far the perpetual calendar.  I have created numerous scarf patterns from the stitch patterns in this book.  I have also used this book for creating the blocks for the Block of the Month class series.  There is a crochet version of this calender also available at the shop.  While the crochet calendar is now out of print I have still been able to get it for the shop from a distributor that still has stock.  Be sure to check out both of these calendar as well as the many other fabulous books we carry.


About theholeaffair

This blog is one more way I am utilizing technology to stay connected with my friends and customers. I will no doubt talk about new merchandise at the store, and will divulge some insight into how my crafty side manifests itself. I will no doubt be droll at time but hope to be equally as entertaining and informative.

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