Marketing Books


We love books!  Just about every hobby enthusiast I know says these same words.  Even with the growing trend towards digital books there is still that love affair with books.  Yet in spite of this love affair we still need to market them.  The best way to market any book for a hobby is to make samples from the book to display with the book.  We do make samples regularly in the shop for our print publications.  I recently did a series of photos of some of the knitting samples around the shop.  Below is a slide show to get you interested in what we have to offer.  Hopefully I will get the same sort of slide show created for beading and crochet samples soon.  Admittedly we don’t get as much to sell to the crochet crowd but we do have some great stuff none the less.

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About theholeaffair

This blog is one more way I am utilizing technology to stay connected with my friends and customers. I will no doubt talk about new merchandise at the store, and will divulge some insight into how my crafty side manifests itself. I will no doubt be droll at time but hope to be equally as entertaining and informative.

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