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One Step Looper Tool


This very cool tool came on the market about 6 months or so ago.  I was hesitant to get it in the shop because of some less than ideal experiences with the half round plier, as well as the $30 price point.  Jennifer saw the tool in action at another business and came back with some very infectious enthusiasm for the tool, so I decided to order them.  They were backordered for a short while but finally arrived today at the shop.  Below is instructions for how to use this tool as well as pictures.???????????????????????????????

This tool can be used on copper based craft wire, precious metal wire, as well as scraps from head and eye pins.  In this example I am making a finding that has loops on both ends.  It can be used to incorporate beads in chain, make rosary link style jewelry, earrings, and more.  The sample is made from a scrap of wire from a head pin.

The first step is to insert the wire through the jaws of the plier and into a small hole at the far side of the plier.  Note: This tool is designed for right handed people but I was able to work it fine.  I would not expect other lefties to have much difficulty with the tool as it is so easy to use.


Once the wire is in position you simply close the pliers and they cut and shape the wire into a loop.???????????????????????????????

You will likely need to do a slight amount of reshaping to get the loop properly centered at the end of the wire.  To do so you simply pull the wire slightly to your left against the jaw of the plier before you remove it from the tool.???????????????????????????????

And this is what your finished finding should look like.


To do a loop at the end of a wire that already has beads on it is just as simple.  The tool is designed so that the beads nest right up to the edge of the plier.


If you love to make your own earrings but struggle to make your loops consistent and uniform, then this tool is the answer to your prayers.